Monday, March 17, 2014

One Formatter to rule them all!

Here we use pull request every day, every time.  All work is pull request oriented (thank you so much github).

But, a multicultural environment (multi-OSes, meaning multiple encoding + multiple line endings) can be a sore sight for eyes.

Here is a example:

Someone though it was a nice idea to change the code format for a class.

691 lines of code changed.  How many meaningful? ZERO! I know it is ZERO cause I made it that way, but sometimes there is a single line changed and other 690 of pure chaos!

To help, some guys came up with a maven-formatter-plugin... It works, maven build breaks if you start doing funky changes.

That helped, a lot, but we had to open console and launch maven, it wasn't good enough.  Better then nothing, but still far from reasonable.

I looked and the project felt abandoned.  And I needed it. Was time to act.  Was time to create a fork.

The forked version presents some advantages:

  1. support javascript formatting (as well java inherited from the original code)
  2. contains an m2e configurator
  3. uses eclipse kepler formmater (getting ready for luna soon)
  4. uses N threads in order to get things done faster
At this point is necessary to install the m2e configurator by hand, but still, it helps, A LOT!
Update site:

Once installed, the plugin will set eclipse formatter to the same used on maven.

We now are free from pull requests with meaningless changes.  All business now.


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